This year has certainly been an “interesting” one, and aside from continuing to provide the ongoing support our valued clients deserve and have come to expect, we’ve been busy working behind the scenes on a number of exciting changes.

Today we’re proudly pulling back the curtain to reveal a little of what we’ve been working on!

Welcome to… Success Through People

After close to close to 15 years supporting predominantly local businesses, we’re launching a new (additional) brand: Success Through People.

We believe in the human, social and economic/commercial value of creating great workplaces, so we’ve created Success Through People to be your resource, your got-to point, your supporter, and your coach…. To help you and your team build and sustain the business you’ve dreamed of and deserve.

The focus of Success Through People is helping SME owners and managers take a proactive approach to managing people, and:

  • Increase business performance & profit
  • Improve engagement & satisfaction (of you AND your team!)
  • Build great workplace cultures, and
  • Enable sustainability

We’ll do this by providing information, resources, coaching and support to help SME business owners, managers and teams implement our exclusive Success Through People© model (refer image and PDF below – yes, for longer-term readers, it’s had a revamp and update). The model provides a tangible structure and process to help you assess current people management practices within your business, then identify, prioritise and implement strategies to optimise outcomes in respect of productivity/profitability, sustainability, engagement and culture.

To get our message “out there”, Success Through People has its own website plus social media channels, and guess what? We’d love some love!

So why the change?

While we love and fully intend to continue to provide specialist HR support and recruitment services to smaller businesses through HR Success, we’re keen to make an even greater contribution to more businesses by helping them strategically manage the bigger-picture “people stuff” that we know makes a real and lasting difference: things like leadership, engagement and workplace culture.

We work with so many proactive business owners and managers who “get” that these things make a difference, yet they’re often bogged down in the day-to-day operations and at a loss as to where to start. Sure, there’s a heap of info out there relating to culture, engagement and leadership, but with so much of it geared towards “the big end of town”, there’s long been a need for someone to apply the strategies and learnings from big business in a way that is meaningful, practical and workable for smaller businesses.

Success Through People is here to fill the void, insofar as it gives us a dedicated “channel” to provide this more strategic support, while HR Success will continue to provide the day-to-day HR support your business needs.

Your chance to become a Success Through People Pioneer*

We’re keen to hit the ground running with Success Through People, so we’re looking for like-minded people to jump aboard and share the early days of our journey.

If you sign-up to receive our occasional email updates (no more than a couple per month), you’ll become a Success Through People Pioneer. Apart from being the first to be advised of developing news, events, tools and resources, you may also have the opportunity to contribute to development of those tools/resources AND you’ll have access to an initial discount on our products and services as they roll out over coming months.

Click here to sign up now.

*This is a limited-time offer, so be sure to sign up now and secure your place as a Success Through People Pioneer.

I’m already an HR Success client: what actually changes for me?

For now, not a lot….

Our core risk management, compliance, recruitment and general HR services will continue to be provided via HR Success. Call or email and you’ll still be chatting with Margot or I (hopefully that’s good news?!). We’re also working on a new HR Success website, to be launched in the first quarter of the new year.

The more strategic work relating to leadership, culture and engagement will be expanded and gradually transition to Success Through People, which also (for now) will be supported by Margot and I.

We hope to expand the team in 2022, just as we’ll be adding to the services and products available through Success Through People.

We’d love to hear what you think, or of course answer any questions you might have. Email [email protected] or give Greg (mob. 0423 365 326) or Margot (mob. 0418 229 789) a call.

P.S. And of course, a final prompt to please:

We look forward to sharing our Success Through People journey with you, and continuing to provide you with the HR and recruitment support your business needs through HR Success,

Greg Mitchell & Margot Gallagher
Success Through People | HR Success