• Our Your Support Bank option is by far the most popular arrangement with our clients. It provides you with ready access to cost-effective professional HR support as and when you need it, with no lock-in contracts or retainers, and at a fraction of the cost of engaging professional in-house HR capability
  • Clients pre-purchase a number of Support Units in blocks of 5 (minimum 5 units), at a discounted rate compared to our On-Call Support rate (with further discounts applying when higher volumes of Support Units are purchased). Check current rates below.
  • 1 Support Unit = 1 hour of support
  • At the time of making a support request, you are of course welcome to request an estimate of the Support Units that may need to be allocated to provide the support you require
  • There is no expiry date on the use of Support Units and your account can be “topped up” at any time
  • We provide regular reports relating to the allocation of Support Units (and you can also access “live” online info regarding Your Support Bank), so you always know where you stand (like we said, we’re pretty big on transparency!)
  • Support units can be applied to most aspects of our support including but not necessarily limited to: policy development/review, Award queries, drafting contracts/agreements or position descriptions, performance management, policies and procedures, HR risk reviews, support for staff grievances, restructuring etc… (note that different arrangements may apply to recruitment support and services/support through Success Through People and Short N Sharp Training)
  • Current Your Support Bank rates:
    • 5 Support Units = $990+GST
    • 10 Support Units = $1925+GST
    • 20 Support Units = $3740+GST
    • 30 Support Units = $5445+GST
    • >30 Support Units = $5445 for 30 Support Units plus $907.50+GST per additional block of 5 Support Units
  • A minimum allocation of support units or travel costs may apply for in-person support visits beyond the Nepean area. Rest assured, we’ll let you know in advance if that’s the case.
  • Check further below for general terms and conditions that apply to all services, including our Satisfaction Guarantee


This is ideal for those clients with a one-off or very occasional need for support. Only pay for the support you need (in 15 minute increments): $220+GST per hour.

Check further below for general terms and conditions that apply to all services, including our Satisfaction Guarantee

Fixed-Cost Service Arrangements:
Some services may also be available as a fixed-cost arrangement, for example:

  • Drafting employment contracts/agreements
  • Drafting position descriptions
  • Drafting HR policies and procedures, Employee Handbooks
  • Recruitment (check our Recruitment page for full details)

Call us to discuss your needs, and refer below for general terms and conditions that apply to all services, including our Satisfaction Guarantee.


These terms and conditions apply to all support/information provided:

  • Information, documentation, feedback and discussions which relate to our work with you do not substitute for your independent judgement and experience nor does our support constitute legal advice. Any application of recommendations, information, documentation provided is at your discretion. Under no circumstances (including but not limited to any act or omission on the part of HR Success or its agents) will HR Success or its agents be liable for any indirect, incidental, special and/or consequential damages or loss of profits whatsoever which result from any services or content.
  • Correspondence, surveys, documents and any other information provided to you as part of our work with you may only be used for the purpose intended, and in your business only. It is not to be distributed, copied or reconstructed for any other purpose, associated entities or external parties.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: We are absolutely committed to providing a service which is of value to you. If you are not entirely satisfied, you pay us only what you think the service is worth. We do however request early feedback in the unlikely event that you have any concerns while we are working with you. Any third-party costs already incurred are not refundable.
  • Invoices are payable within 14 days of issue. Payment via bank deposit is preferred.